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Allocation of funds to different Adwords campaigns

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Hi AdGuys. I have one primary Google account that I use for several of my web clients and within it I have analytics and various cadwords campaigns set up for different clients.

Is it possible for me to allocate a certain amount to each campaign? (i.e., I put 500 in the adwords "bank" and then allocate 200 to and 300 to  When that level is reached, the ads stop - but just for that specific campaign.


Really trying to avoid setting up multiple accounts, as I have all my analytics and adwords information under one sign in and it makes it very convenient.



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September 2015

Re: Allocation of funds to different Adwords campaigns

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Hello Andre D,
You are maintaining your adwords campaign in single account. or you are under the mcc account. With in single account you can allocate your budget for particular campaign. But in Mcc account you can not allocate your budget for particular account. You can allocate with the help of MDS Account.
Manager Defined Spend (MDS) is a simple way for My Client Center (MCC) account-users to control their managed accounts' budgets. If you decide to move some or all of your managed accounts to MDS, you'll be able to create and modify these accounts' budgets instantaneously via your MCC dashboard. Additionally, you'll be billed for these accounts via one Manager Order-level monthly invoice.

For more information Go with this link,