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All about Google AdWords Promotional Codes

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I am working in a hosting industry and often my clients asks to either run Google adwords or forward them Google Promotional Code? Is there any way, we can get promotional coupon code for our clients or have any partnership with google whereby we are delivered X amount of coupons in a month.



Manjari Singh



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April 2016

Re: All about Google AdWords Promotional Codes

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Hi Manjari,
No there is nothing like that you can get x amounts of coupons in a month. According to Arianna B (Google Employee)

""The majority of promotional codes are for brand new accounts only. We do, however, send out a few promotional offers to existing accounts. These accounts vary from 6 months old to 7 years old. While we cannot promise you will receive a promotional code for your existing AdWords account, you should definitely make sure you're opted into "Special Offers" in your account.".

Check full post here @

Hope this helps.


Re: All about Google AdWords Promotional Codes

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Google runs, periodically, marketing initiatives with hosting providers. These initiatives are local and change based on territory / country. Contact your local Google marketing and check if you can join.
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