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After no charges for 7 or 8 months no I have 4 in one month?

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I noticed frequent charges from Google Adwords this month for $200 here and $50 there.  In total there are 5 so far in the month of February.  I haven't been charged even once previously for Adwords dating all the way back to October 2012.  I am trying to figure out why there are all these charges all at once.  I tried to log into Adwords online to review my account, but it's been so long since i even gave Google Adwords a thought that I forgot the email address that I used as my username.  Every time I enter in a username that I think could be the right one, the site automatically signs me up for a new account.  I think I know my account number, because there is the same 10 digit number listed on every charge showing up on my bank statement from google adwords.  I need to figure this situation out immediately, because I can't remember the monetary limits that I set up initially, but I am pretty certain that I wouldn't have allowed it to exceed a couple hundred dollars a month, which I am well over in the month of February.

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September 2015

Re: After no charges for 7 or 8 months no I have 4 in one month?

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Hi Cash4Gold,


This is a public community. Neither the user nor the Community managers have an access to your account. I've passed your case to the AdWords support team. Please check your mailbox for further communication from them.