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Adwords suspended for non payment

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Hey all,


Today i got an email from google saying the following:


It has come to our attention that your Google AdWords account has an 
outstanding balance that is well past the term extended to you. As a 
result, your account has been suspended, and your ads are no longer running 
on Google. Please pay your past due amount and contact us through the 
AdWords Help Center to reactivate your account.


This is the first time i have ever used google and as i started advertising on facebook ive managed to get myself 3 new clients to advertise for the first time on google adwords, this is my first ever campaign and also 2 of my clients first ever online advertisement experiance.


As i assumed you was only aloud 1 domain per account i setup 3 accounts, After seing this email attached to 1 of my email addresses for the matching adwords account i checked the balance.


All 3 of my accounts are in balance and none are awaiting payments.


Ive spoken via live chat to there team tonight as there office is closed, ive been told i must wait to find out from there suspension specialists what the problem is.


Google have now taken all 3 of my accounts offline, im actually very upset about this and cant sleep because im dreding the fact my clients are going to realise there ads are not online in the morning.


Is there anything i can do guys?


The livechat OP said that if 1 of my clients has a previous account thats unpaid it will mean all my accounts are not online, If this is true what do i do? can i get him to pay this off? will it mean my accounts come back online?


I am extreamly stressed over this situation and im a little upset because im new to adwords, tried my absoutle best to keep everthing happy for them, started to make a little living and now this is all gone.


Please advise me anyone because i will do what ever it takes, i dont want google to ban me because im scared this is the case when ive done nothing wrong.


Thanks everyone,

Laura x

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Re: Adwords suspended for non payment

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Hi Lane,

This unpaid account of your client, have you being managed it through a MCC account? and is all the accounts linked to your MCC is suspended?