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Adwords fees

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Good day,


Please note that I have only been making use of google ads for 2 months. In both months I only spent less than R100 on my ads. Yet my bill is over R400. Please explain how google charges?


I am NOT satisfied and will stop using google ads from now on!


If i have set a limit on the budget then that is what i have to spend - you therefore CAN NOT charge me more!



Re: Adwords fees

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Badged Google Partner
Hello Kirsten,

If you go to the Adwords account -> Billing -> Invoices -> Click on your invoice number you want -> Then Click on Documents and download it probably in .pdf format.

You should see exactly what you are paying for:
Campaign Number of Clicks Cost

There are not any extra fees, they can only decrease the final cost by the amount of invalid activity/clicks.

If you have doubt what you are paying for, call Google Adwords support and ask them. I'm sure they will gladly tell you.