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Adwords billing information

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I'm trying to kick of my first campaign but i have the following error message
"Your account isn't active because you haven't entered your billing information. 
To activate your account and start running your ads......."
I have entered my billing information, and am positive it's correct.  All the billing information shows up under the billing tab but still the error message remains.  I've tried another card but with no luck.  Does google have to activate the card or something?  PS i selected automatic payments from a credit card.
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September 2015

Re: Adwords billing information

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Hello and welcome,


If you submitted the billing info today only, then I would suggest you to wait for sometime until Google reviews your account and activate your ads. In the meantime, you can keep working on your campaigns and schedule them accordingly, so that as soon as your account review is complete, your ads start displaying on Google network.


Hope that helps!