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Adwords banned! :(

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Hi everyone,

Okay. This whole 'banned' topic is really quite diverse but I think mine is sorta... 'unique' enough that I want to write into this forum to see if anyone can help me.


I was banned on the statement "Your account is suspended because your billing information can't be verified".


So, I went through the motions with editing my details (Backstory : My credit card was deactivated by my bank because of a faulty EMV Chip. The bank has since replaced my card with a new 16 digit pin and that replaced my old pin.) and appealed to google to restore my account. Nada. Best part? I now have a ban that they won't reinstate. I don't even know what/why I'm banned. The only constant is the statement above.


P.S there has been NO ads on my website (its a fresh website so they didn't allow me to place any google ads on it at the time of writing) so i'm not sure if there's any correlation to that. I had a google analytics code placed on another website running affiliate ads BUT NOT ADWORDS AT ALL.


So. Is there anyone who can help me out? I'm half confused, half annoyed, and altogether pretty flustered. :l

To those who answer this, I truly thank you and appreciate all feedback and comments. To those going through what I am, I hope this will help us all. Smiley Sad

Re: Adwords banned! :(

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I'm sorry for all you are going through. It seems to me like all you can do is try to contact Google again and explain your case. 


There are several ways to contact them. 


Here is a link:


Best of luck! 



Re: Adwords banned! :(

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Hey Dan,


Thanks. I hope things go well too.