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Adwords account suspended without any warning message

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Hello everyone,


I am writing to you all in a desperate attempt to talk to humans, as talking to support machines is like talking to a wall.


After adding several new adgroups, couple of days ago, my account got suspended. Without prior notice or warning, without stating a reason.


I asked support to provide a reason. Got response that we "violate terms and conditions". Again requested the reason. What I got in response was "our decision is final" and again - no explanation whatsoever.


I know the terms and conditions and advertising policies and I am confident we do not violate any of the terms. Of course we do not advertise anything that can "creates a serious and immediate risk for advertisers, our users, or Google".

The website we promote provides financial services and I have read and afaik the website complies with requirements.

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Re: Adwords account suspended without any warning message

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Hello and welcome,


It's unfortunate that your account has been suspended. Is it possible for you to provide some info from the suspension email you received from Adwords support team removing any personal info from that?


Is it also possible to share the website URL with the Community?



Re: Adwords account suspended without any warning message

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The email in full is:


Dear Advertiser, Thank you for your email.

Thank you for your continued patience during this process. Our specialists
have re-reviewed your accounts and have determined that our decision is
correct and final. As a result, your account, and any related accounts you
may have created, have been suspended.


- Our support team is unable to provide any further information on this

- Please refrain from creating additional AdWords accounts, as they will be
subject to the same suspension.

The AdWords Terms and Conditions state that Google reserves the right to
stop running any ads when deemed necessary. You can review these Terms and
Conditions here:

We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for your understanding.

Re: Adwords account suspended without any warning message

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That's a standard message, Yulia and if you don't tell us your website URL we cannot really provide you with any clues.

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