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Adwords Suspended

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Your Google AdWords account has been suspended because your billing information in this or a related account could not be verified


I am new to Google Adwords.  My account has been suspended.  It states they are not able to provide any additional information on this. I hired a 3rd party company to set up my Google Adwords account.  They had been referred to me by a friend.  I would like to correct anything that has been done incorrectly and get it fixed.  I would also like a refund from the company who set up the account.  I can’t do either of this without your assistance in telling me what is the issue, and why the account is suspended.

We never turned on the account.  The 3rd party company created the campaign, I put in monies which cleared, so banking information is correct. We logged in and it said it was suspended.  Our company’s processing end has been using Google Adwords every day for many years.  We are just a new marketing arm for them.


We would like to fix whatever is wrong.  If it is something done in the setup, we would like to get a refund from the company we paid to set up our account. I am asking for your help.  Our staff gets our clients from Google Adwords.  That is how they pay their bills.  Without it, we will have to let them all go.  Please let us know what needs to be done to rectify anything that is wrong.  Whatever you need, I can get to you.  Thank you so much.


Customer ID: 983-779-1524


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Re: Adwords Suspended

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Hi strategicpartne and welcome to the forum.

Firstly can I ask that you edit your original post to remove the CID; this is private information that should never be shared on a public forum.


Can I clarify a point?  You say that your company has been "using Google Adwords every day for many years", but it sounds as though you've also created a new account.  Is it possible you have been suspended for a violation of the Double Serving policy?  Each legal entity is only permitted to operate one Adwords account.



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