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Adwords Gsp Campaign deducted money Rs 665 out of daily budget of Rs 180

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Hi i have started a Gsp campaign with a budget limit of Rs 180 only. But after running the campaign in 1 hours my bill was reached to
to 190 Rs with 50 impression and 30 clicks with zero site visit and conversions and engagements.
So i paused the campaign and ad groups and all the ads and also reduced the daily budget to Rs 10  but still gmail 5.pnggmail 6.pnggmail4.pnggmail 6.pnggmail4.png clicks were coming and the bill reached to 665 Rs after 5 hours while my daily budget was still only 10 Rs for the campaign.
At last i contacted the Adwords support team and they forwarded my issue to the technical team.

So i want to know is there any way Adwords cuts the money beyond the daily budget limit of the campaign and if not then will I get back my money or not, if yes then in how many days.


I am attaching a snap of that deduction.


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Re: Adwords Gsp Campaign deducted money Rs 665 out of daily budget of Rs 180

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Hi Mulberry,

First of all you need to know that the figures you see on your screen are not real time and there may occasionally be substantial delays in reporting. Hence what you think happened after the budget change may in fact have happened before it. You may get a clearer view if you segment the report by the the hours of the day. (Click on Segment, find Time, and then Hour of day.)

To cut it short: an overdelivery of 20% is allowed by terms and conditions. If the actual daily cost exceeds your daily budget + 20% you'll likely receive a credit for the difference. Depends on the findings of the technical team, of course.