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Adwords Grant account suspended because of fraud, Google not helping

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I truly hope someone here can help me as I've been unable to get anywhere with this.


The situation started when I received an email on 2nd April this year advising me that my ads have stopped running because there's an outstanding balance on my account of $160.68


This was the first I knew I even had an AdWords account as I dont run any business or youtube etc

Searching back true email I see one advising me that I have successfully cancelled my account, somehow missed that when it first cam in, maybe thought it was spam, cannot see one indicating when the account was created.


Digging thru the Adwords interface it seems somehow a campaign was started on 25 Sep 2015, targeting Russia, with one Ad Group focused on a company located in my country but not my state  (maybe a test to see if I was watching) and a Russian website,  neither of which I have anything to do with.


Investigating the AdWords profile I see it showed and address & state I have never lived at, a phone number I have never had and the last 4 digits of a c/card are not those of any card I had at the time.


Things I've tried

  • contacting AdWords support a couple of times and only got a robot reply once and then another indicating  "our specialists identified suspicious behaviour in the payment activity of this or your other AdWords accounts. To help prevent any unauthorized activity, we suspended your AdWords accounts."
  • logged a security incident,cant see that I ever received a reply
  • out of desperation to speak to someone within Google I twice contacted the AdWords sales staff but all they could do was add comments to my account and log a case via the support web page.

The payment demand emails stopped after my last contact with the sales staff leading me to believe all had been sorted but they have just recently started again, I stumbled across this forum and really do hope someone is able to help me out or alert Google AdWords accounts to this issue I am having.


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Adwords Grant account suspended because of fraud, Google not helping

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Community Manager

Hi Ash,


Unfortuantely we do not have access to your account details or support history from this public forum. If you continue to receive any sort of payment notice, please follow up directly with those communications so that you can review the details with the Billing team.



Adwords Grant account suspended because of fraud, Google not helping

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Thanks for your reply. The emails come from a no-reply address, I'd appreciate if you have any suggestions I can use other than the Billing support page because the submissions I've made via it don't appear to have been read by a real person. 


Whilst I understand they are a huge company and don't want to have to deal with individuals it leaves people in situations like myself in a hopeless position.


I'm at a total loss as to what to do and extremely frustrated. I get emails threatening to send the outstanding charge to a debt collection agency yet I have no ability to dispute the situation. Security say they have identified suspicious activity yet they don't talk to Accounts to put a stop to the emails and the only realy people I can communicate with (Sales) say they cant talk to Accounts to sort out the issue.