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Adwords Balance Exhausted

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I am new to adwords. Last night i setup a new adgroup and i received 12 clicks. And there after it was saying that my balance was exchausted. But in my billing section i still have balance. My total cost for 12 clicks is 1958.40only. But why it still says like that. Here are my billing details. Can someone help me.


Feb 1, 2012 - Feb 18, 2012
Feb 181,958.40 (3,541.60)
Feb 4Payment: NetBanking 5,000.00(5,500.00)
Feb 3Payment: NetBanking 500.00(500.00)
Feb 1
Starting balance
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September 2015

Re: Adwords Balance Exhausted

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Hello Vegitaboss,


No need to be worry about. Google adwords display this message just to inform advertiser about their account balance so that they can recharge account before all balance get exhausted.



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