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Ads are not issue

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Hello, I have 3 accounts in my MCC. Since a few days my ads are not running. the diagnostic tool only reports "Contact us for support".


The phone support told me they are waiting for a response by the financial team in order to re-enable the account, but several days have gone in the meantime.


Has anyone experienced the same issue? How can I get through this?



Re: Ads are not issue

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Here's my situation:


Google billed my credit card, my credit card was shutoff because google, yahoo, msn payments are all considered "fraud-risk" payments. I used a new bank account to pay for adwords and my payment was declined, even though google now has the money, I still have no ads. i owed 50.00, paid 100.00 to give myself a credit, and now have no ads, and no 100.00 in my account. Google told me their financial team had to look into this, and basically, after it was all said and done, I have to wait for googles automated billing to re-authorize for that amount, OR I just LOSE 100.00. This is customer service at its worst. Check with your bank and have them stop payment to google, then pay to google again with another form of payment and hope that it works. I have since had to pay another 50.00 to get my account active and they accepted that payment, so ads are going, but i just have to watch for that 100.00 or else it could be gone.