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after 7 days my acount still on under review and my ads not show

i dont know why


what can i do?


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September 2015

Re: Ads UNDER REVIEW??????

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Hi Ariya

It usually takes up to 24 hours to complete the approval of advertisements. If it took 7 days please use this form -

Re: Ads UNDER REVIEW??????

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I just want to clarify whether your ads are under review and yet not approved or it's the account which is under review. If your ads are approved and still not showing because of the account review issue, then it would be a different case.


However if it's your ads which are still not approved after 7 days and are under review, then there might be some policy issue and AdWords Team might be reviewing them manually. You can get the updated status by contacting AdWords support team.



Re: Ads UNDER REVIEW??????

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Hi Aria,


I guess your account is under review, it takes maximum 3 business days to get the account reviewed. You may contact adwords support if your account is still under review:


There are certain reasons behind the account review:


1) Mostly new accounts go for review for security resaons, it will be fixed after some time. 

2) If your ads are related to certain industry which is more sensitive (for an example: Tech Support Advertisers) 

3) Payment related security checks also cause accounts to go under review.


I hope it helps you.





Re: Ads UNDER REVIEW??????

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I would like to answer this question.

Why account goes under review.
1). Do not play with adword coupons
2). if you use multiple coupons for one client site.
3). if you have multiple clients then use consolidate billing option. ( need to contact adwords representative in your country ).
4). fingering with adword coupons in multiple mcc with multiple ips --- Then also you get suspension..