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AdWords promotion

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I received this mail, but don't know how to use the credit involved. I have set up the ad and all, but I do not know the promotion code. The telephone number given does not work. Can you help me please?


Hello from Google!


We noticed that the AdWords account (Customer ID: 4227899861) that you created last week still hasn’t started running ads.


I’m an AdWords specialist and I can help you get launched and get more out of AdWords. Our experts can even create your entire first campaign for you.


We’ll set up a basic campaign structure, help define your targeting strategy, choose keywords and write a couple of ad texts - all designed to drive as many visitors to your website as possible. Our job is to get you off to a successful start with Google AdWords.*


Also, we wanted you to be aware that as a new advertiser, we are currently running a promotion that helps you turn INR500 into INR2500 of advertising to try out AdWords.


Note: There is no charge for the account setup service. As long as you meet the minimum spend requirement for the promotional credit, how much you invest is up to you. No minimum term.


Call me right now at 1-860-266-6622** to take advantage of the offer to turn INR500 of advertising into INR2500. This offer expires in four weeks. 

Should I not be available personally one of my colleagues can assist you.


Looking forward to your call.


Saurabh Dhawan

Google AdWords Setup Support Team

Re: AdWords promotion

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Ok the promotion code works like this procedure You will spend 25 $ or equelient Money in your google adword account your promotion code will autotmatically be applied.