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AdWords account has been suspended because we didn't receive... HELP!

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Here's the full message I received in my adwords account


"Your Google AdWords account has been suspended because we didn't receive payment for your due charges. Please pay your past due amount to reactivate your account."


and here's also an email from adwords


Dear AdWords Advertiser,

It has come to our attention that your Google AdWords account has an outstanding balance that is well past the term extended to you. As a result, your account has been suspended, and your ads are no longer running on Google. Please pay your past due amount and contact us through the AdWords Help Center to reactivate your account.

The Google AdWords Team


I really don't know what's happening here but this if my very first time to run adwords campaign and I can't remember if I have any past due amount in my account? by the way my current balance is £279.10. Please help me, I need to run my campaign ASAP.



Re: AdWords account has been suspended because we didn't receive... HE

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Your account will tell you if you are past due or not.  So go into your account, click on Billing in the Green navigation bar.

 The first thing that pops up will be your transaction History.  It will show you all your transactions from the time you created the account.  You have to pay the bill before they will start running your ads again. 


And here is a link to an Overview of Adwords billing that is really helpful and you should read to answer all your billing questions:


Good Luck!