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AdWords Vouchers

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Im new to the world of adwords my question is...


Do the adwords vouchers for old account coupons work or are they just an online scam?


I found websites seeling a $65 voucher for $9.99 and a $125 voucher for $44.99. both for old accounts.


Any help?



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September 2015

Re: AdWords Vouchers

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Hi Brady628,




Vouchers are NEVER meant to be sold so you should NEVER buy one.  That is a path you definitely do not want to follow.  It is very important to review the details of any voucher prior to use as there are numerous stipulations and TOS attached to every voucher and if you violate them, your account can and in most cases will be suspended.


Very few of them are for existing accounts, more often, they are for brand new accounts (less than 14 days old) within certain geographic locations. 


Here are a couple of resources for you to look into promotional vouchers a little further:


Promotional codes policy -


How to redeem a promotion code -

Troubleshoot a promotional code -

Gopa talks about promotional credits -


Hope this helps!






Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: AdWords Vouchers

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Hi Brady


You definitely don't want to walk the "paid" adwords promo code road..Though there are few services which have partnered with google and provide promo codes if you avail their service but services which sell promo codes are most likely thugs.


Don't try something which you repent later.

Re: AdWords Vouchers

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Hi Brady,

If you want Promotional voucher, you can request here

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Re: AdWords Vouchers

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You may also read the thread below that started with the question:


How come there are lots of companies in the web, selling adwords voucher at the cheapest rate ever?

Is there a preventive measure to zero out such underground activity?



Underground Voucher

More Power,

Re: AdWords Vouchers

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Hey Loraine


I don't think google has any restrictions on selling adwords promo codes...It's crystal clear that google doesn't sell it and is neither liable for promo codes which are delivered by a party which doesn't have alliance with the company.


It's for the people to understand that "cheap" has its own repercussions. Often the buyers are aware that the above is a malpractice but they are too tempted because of the price on offer. Thus if anything goes wrong with the promo code or their account,they have themselves to blame!