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AdWords Is Reverting CC Back To Old Credentials

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Hello Google community,


I am having an odd billing issue that is hard for me to convey to my client and their financial institution. I'm hoping someone has some insight.


My client's credit card expiration date and CVC code was updated in May 2016. Ever since, when the auto-payment process is attempted in AdWords, the credit card information is reverted back to the old expiration date and CVC code, and payment gets declined. I tried a few things to fix this: re-entering the card as a new card, creating a new account (without the history of the old card), and updating the card information in AdWords every time auto payment is declined. The correct info is saved until the next auto-payment is attempted. When I update the expiration date and CVC code, I am able to make a manual payment. The issue only happens when an auto-payment is attempted.


I finally reached out to Google Help, and they explained that when the auto-payment is attempted with the new expiration date and CVC code, the financial institution is electronically telling Google that the information provided is incorrect and then Google reverts back to the old credentials. This, however, causes the payment to decline due to an expired credit card. I'm assuming the bank is somehow giving Google the old credit card info during this process, because I did create a new account without the old credit card information ever being entered. What I'm finding hard to explain to my client is where in the process this is getting messed up. The bank says it's Google issue. Google says it's the bank issue. 


Does anyone have any insight on the process that would help me narrow this down? 


Thank you in advance!



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AdWords Is Reverting CC Back To Old Credentials

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Hi @J M,


That is a odd behavior, no doubt. 


If you open Google AdWords and click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner, you will see Billing. When you click on Billing, you will see your AdWords Billing dashboard. Now, if you click on Billing settings in the left hand menu column, you will see all of your payment methods. These are the only methods AdWords is set to use.


Now then, what I would do is to make the issue AdWords so that support has to figure it out and resolve any technical issues with your account.


1. Add a completely new payment method.

2. Set the new payment as primary.

3. Log out of AdWords, clear your browser cache (history).

4. Log into AdWords and go to Billing/Billing Settings.

5. Remove all payment methods except the new one you added at step 1.

6. Log out of AdWords, clear your browser cache (history.

7. Log into AdWords and go to Billing/Billing Settings.

8. Add a second payment method as a backup and verify there are no other payment methods shown. You should one primary and one back up... nothing more. 

9. Contact back of old credit card and instruct them that you do not want any Google charges to go through. 


At this point, wait and see what happens. If the issue happens again, contact AdWords support and go over the steps we have taken (above) and demand they purge your billing account info fix the issue. If the issue still happens, contact your bank and insist on getting a completely new credit card number and not just updated expiration date. 


With that said, I have been able to fix similar issues by taking steps 1-8. Another time I had to get the bank to replace the card with a new card number entirely, since the issue you are having was happening with another vendor (not AdWords) and it would not clear on it's own.


Kind Regards,



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