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AdWords Charges

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My client started AdWords and it says in a months time that he recieved over 2,000 clicks. Google Analytics shows only around 500 sessions, (no clicks) from CPC. I spoke to a representative and they said that the analytics account wasn't connected to the adwords account, however, he couldn't find out why then it would still show CPC sessions in analytics. We are not doing any manual tagging and there are no other initiatives. My client wants to dispute the charges to his card. $250 because one system is saying one thing and the other system something different.

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September 2015

Re: AdWords Charges

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Hi Lisa
There are countless reasons why GA data will be different to AdWords data. Here's just a few:

In particular, it's important to understand that a click and a session are very different. That support doc explains a lot of it.

It's also very unlikely that your client will be able to dispute these charges. Google provided the clicks via AdWords and it's likely that there was/is a problem on the clients website that's causing inaccurate tracking.

For example, I could have a problem on my website where the tracking code only fired for people coming from a certain location. It's not Google's fault that I didn't install and QA the tracking code.

Essentially, you should always assume that AdWords numbers are the correct ones. Anything else is just self reporting. Including GA.

If you want to dispute these charges, I'd suggest that you contact support again as this is a peer to peer support forum and we don't have access to your billing or GA accounts.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

Re: AdWords Charges

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Occam's Razor, Google is constantly over charging people because they are greedy. The numbers do not add up because they are lying. They are lying to overcharge, that is stealing. Google adwords is a vehicle to steal money.