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Ad Group Report vs. Billing Discrepancy

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I'm having trouble identifying the cause of an Ad Group report vs. billing discrepancy. Namely, when I pull an Ad Group report, the cost is different from the billing amount by $5 to $50, depending on the month I'm in. When I look at the billing summary, I can see that I've been credited for a few invalid clicks, but the credit amount is not enough to explain the total discrepancy.


I've contacted Google twice over the phone, and have yet to hear a response. I realize that the difference is minimal, but this particular client is a bit fussy about numbers. Any ideas or explanations from anyone who has experience something similar? Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks! Robot Very Happy

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Re: Ad Group Report vs. Billing Discrepancy

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There are a number of things that could cause a discrepancy like this, from "invalid click"costs being removed from the account during a different billing cycle than the one where they occurred to the billing cycle closing and charges being posted, then late data coming in and  retroactively posted, etc.


Because not every AdWords server and Google program are not run on identical cycles, it can be almost impossible to precisely match data between them.


Just my thoughts.

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