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Account under review

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Dear Sir/Madam.,


i m agency member 

last 15 days my 15 account suspend.and all customer add is stop.

i have new crate account they are under review.

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Re: Account under review

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Hello Apple Web T,


Welcome to the AdWords Community.


Please note that, AdWords accounts are suspended from advertising if the account violate the advertising policies of Google. So by going with what you day, all your 15 accounts are suspended then there would be some serious policy violations in your website or your ads that caused your accounts to be suspended under Related accounts Policy.


Here are some examples:

  • You repeatedly violated our policies.
  • You violated our policies in a big way and put our users at risk.
  • You didn't successfully submit payment for your advertising costs.
  • Your account appears to be strongly related to an already suspended account.


If an account is suspended because of a serious violation, then even if you create new accounts those accounts will also go under review and this review takes atleast 2-3 working days (Related Accounts Policy). I would recommend you to read through the emails you have received informing the violations and the reasons behind suspension.


However, please contact the AdWords Phone or Chat support Team and let them know your concern again. They would have access to your accounts and the violations caused by them. They will troubleshoot and let you know on what you must do to continue advertising through AdWords.


For more information about why the AdWords accounts are suspended, please read:


Hope this Helps!

- Prashanth Reniguntala


Re: Account under review

Top Contributor
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Top Contributor
Once suspended for repeated violations - you are suspended for good. Opening new accounts will NOT resolve the issue. They will also be suspended. Nothing much we could do.
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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