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Account under review

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Everytime i add a new add or change an add..


The account gets under review.


How can this be remove


we are adding new ads every hour but when we add it all the ads are stop 



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Re: Account under review

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Hey Fill,

Thanks for sharing your query.
According to Google policy, It will take up to 1 business day to review your ads. If you are modifying or inserting a new ad. Google representative will take a look weather your ad is safe or containing harmful content.

For more details go to ...

Let us know for any further assistance.
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Re: Account under review

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Hi Fill, 


There are certain reasons behind the account review in adwords:


1) Mostly new accounts go for review for security resaons, it will be fixed after some time. 

2) If your ads are related to certain industry which is more sensitive (for an example: Tech Support Advertisers) 

3) Payment related security checks also cause accounts to go under review.


You may contact adwords customer support if your account is under review for more than 3 working days or it is going under review too often:


I hope it helps you.






Re: Account under review

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Hi i have created a new account on 7th June and this account is under review continuously,after completed three business days i contacted Adword support team they said we are escalating this issue to the concerned team and will intimate you once it is done within next 24 Hrs but they did nothing ,Once again i called up support team to get the update they said the issue is escalated but we don`t have any update as if now once it is done we will let you know. and today is 12th June the account is still under review that too with no update i am really not happy with adword support.It hardly takes an hour to review a complete website and its content including keywords manually.

Re: Account under review

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did it get reviewed later. Did u get any solution?

Re: Account under review

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