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Account suspension / billing information / double serving

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Hello everyone,


I am new to google adwords and I am trying to set up a campaign for the following website: , however my account has been suspended for a reason or reasons I don't understand. Let me explain in detail.


While trying to set up a campaign with my google account, my account got instantly suspended without the ads even displaying and I didn't understood why at all. We try to find out with my partner and finally decided to contact live chat support, who told us that our website seemed fine, and didn't violate any policy. Then after a day or two, the account got unsuspended after a review from the experts.


We decided then to try to run the campaign again, but my partner set it up and used his google account instead of mine. He then created the campaign with the same keywords, message and URL, entered the billing information and so on. But when he confirmed everything, his account got suspended instantly again, as well as mine.

So after some research, I found out about this double serving policy, which I haven't read before (my bad). I suspected google to have suspended both our accounts, because of this policy, hence I decided to simply delete the campaign from my account; the account used for the campaign being my partner's; hoping that it would solve this issue. 


So I contacted adwords again, but I received only a few hours later an automated reply from adwords as follows:

"While reviewing your account, we found violations of our AdWords policies in this or a related account. As a result, your account has unfortunately been suspended, and your ads will no longer run on Google." .


Even though I am not advertising anything anymore and never had advertised anything (account suspended before I could and campaign deleted), my account is still suspended. And the only mention I have on my account about a suspension (as well as on my friend's account) is the following: "Your Google AdWords account has been suspended because your billing information in this or a related account could not be verified." even though I am using my credit card for several purchases on internet, including Facebook ads and Bing ads, without any problems.


Could anyone please help me on this matter, since I'm struggling with this for a few weeks already and I would really like to be able to advertise on google, and my friend too.


Thank you to give me the process to get our accounts unsuspended. Should I do more than just deleting the ad on my account (cancel my account for example)? What should I do with my friend's account to get it approved and unsuspended?


Best regards,


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Re: Account suspension / billing information / double serving

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Hello there;
Please fill in this form;
A specialist will review the case;

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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