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Account suspended

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4 days  ago i setup adwords account and make a search only campaign. i have create 2 campaign in this account one is approve and run after one day then i created second one then campaign went to underview.

3'rd i saw the campaign was suspended and i got a mail.... "We've identified suspicious behavior in the payment activity of this or your other AdWords accounts"

in first campaign i have spend approx 8$, i have also do the appele but didn't get any mail from goole.

so please suggest me, why my account has been suspended and now what should i have to do.


i am just running the business related to online management training courses.


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Account suspended

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Hi John,


Once an account is suspended, only AdWords Support and you can determine why it happened since no one here can access any accounts. If you replied to the suspension, it can take weeks for the reply as they are handled in the order received and there could be many cases in front of yours. 


From a general standpoint, something within the system was alerted to an issue, such as the payment source used with other accounts that were banned, payment source declined charges and were marked as fraudulent, billing and account info did not match or fit a pattern of abuse... or many other possible reasons. 


Unfortunately, there is not much else that can be done.  I know this reply is terrible news and I do wish I could do/say something that would help further. 


Kind Regards,



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Account suspended

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Call support - online support could take weeks and you'll never know what the problem is. It is like trying to find your watch at the bottom of a dark lake. Even when you call it may take multiple calls and fixes to get the site unsuspended. Their process is so arbitrary and often by people who struggle with English. Good luck