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Account suspended for no reason. I've cancelled my account 5 months back, still got no reund.

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I've created a campaign for my local business directory website. Added Rs. 10000 to this account from my credit card. I'm holding this credit card since past 10 years, name, billing address everything updated correctly in my adwords account. After 24 hrs. a message popped up saying your account is suspended, reason for suspension is billing information can't be verified. I've decided to cancel the account to get my amount Rs 10000 back to my credit card. I've clicked "Complete your refund" on 24-Feb-2016, It was shown "your amount will refund within one week. Today it is 22-Jul-2016, I still got no refund


I've tried calling you at 1800 258 2554 (India), IVR asked me to enter my adwords account ID, I've entered my ID, it is just saying "your account is suspended please contact online at particular url" It's not allowed me talk to support person. I've clicked on "Video Call" option, its going no where, just displaying the same page. Same thing happened with other options like "Chat", "Email" How can I contact Google support team to get my refund? Or I've to proceed legally?

Re: Account suspended for no reason. I've cancelled my account 5 months back, still got no reund.

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Hi Suresh,

The reason for suspending the account would be because of directory you are using for adwords. And regarding the amount, you have mentioned that you tried to cancel and requested refund in month of Feb 2016.

Create a new adwords account and try to contact chat team with that new adwords account. You will come to know actual status by the google representative team.

Hope that your issue be resolved soon. Try to contact through proper channel phone, chat and email.

-Syed Nouman Bin Nuri.