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Account suspended due to "suspicious behavior in payment activity"

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Hi everyone,

I am having some serious issues trying to get my account reinstated. 

My account was recently suspended due to "suspicious behaviour" in payment activity, and i do not understand why.  I am using my personal debit cards to make payments, which should not be a problem. 

At the very least, Google should tell us which policies we are violating. Because after re-reading through all the policies regarding payment, i do not see where I have gone wrong. 

I have tried calling in. But if your account is already suspended, there is no way of being able to talk to an actual person, and told by an automated voice that my account has been suspended which is not helpful at all. 

 I have also tried appealing, but I was sent an automated reply saying that "our specialists have re-reviewed the account and confirmed that it is in violation of our AdWords policies". I really want to know what exactly the issue is, and this who process of trying to find out has been really stressful.

Is there anyway to be able to talk to someone in google about how to fix this supposed policy violations?

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December 2015

Re: Account suspended due to "suspicious behavior in payment acti

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Hello Faisel L Smiley Happy


Welcome to the community.

I'm really sorry to hear about your problem. It has been a common problem among advertisers. I'm guessing you have fill in this form?

Also, try to check with the bank& see if there's anything comes up when you use your debit card.


Hope that helps a bit. Good luck Smiley Happy

Account suspended due to "suspicious behavior in payment activity"

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If it's a "common" problem, maybe Google should take 20 seconds and EXPLAIN themselves better.   Those steps recommended above don't work.