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Account suspended because your billing information

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My adwords account has been suspended with msg suspended because your billing information.


I know that there is nothing wrong with my billing. So obviously there is some other reason. The message says that I can fill out a form and request review. The biggest problem is: What is the point of requesting review when I do not even know what to change :-(


Google should really speak a bit more clearly. The point i hope is have a client rather than chase them away.


Can anyone shed some light on it. My adwords cid is 317-177-9316

May be there is a way to make Google listen? Telephone chat etc are not even available for this issue.




Re: Account suspended because your billing information

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I absolutely agree with you.  When you search this community, you will find plenty of suspended with billing issue, are they really customer fault?


I am one of the victims that got suspended and no adwords support explain.


Adwords charge my cards multiple time and still said can not verify? I have a bank transaction with adwords activity and still no get suspended.

Here is my case