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Account suspended because billing information cannot be verified

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I just recently created my adwords account for my new e-commerce site, and just registered my business and personal details including my debit card information and left it. The next day I got a message saying that "Your account is suspended because your billing information can't be verified." So before that I have never had any issues or problems with any other adwords accounts at all, I have also never created multiple accounts, just one other account I used before for the keyword planner tool but not for running ads or anything like that.

When I registered my adwords account I did so with my personal details as an "individual" however, after that I changed my mind and since I was going to be using this for my e-commerce website, I decided to change the status to "business". Since I did not have this option myself, I asked one of the live chat agents to do it for me, and they ask for my consent and I agreed so they gladly changed my personal details into my business details, except for my payment method which is still my personal debit card under my name. 


Maybe the issue is because I changed the status to a business, but I am using my personal credit card for payment? Another thing to point out is that my personal debit card's billing address is the same as my registered company's billing address, and so maybe there is an issue with that? I know that the registered agent I used to register my business allows anyone who uses their services to use their office address as their business address for mailing and card billing purposes, maybe someone else in the past used this same billing address on google adwords and had issues and now that account got associated to mine? That's all I can think of. 



Please help me with what changes I need to do to unsuspended my account. I could change my billing address to my previous one if that's the issue. In case the issue is because my account has "business" status, but it's using a personal/individual debit card then I can't really edit that on my account because there's no option to do that, unless I delete the account and start a new one, but then that would be associated to this account and be suspended again from what I understand?


I have also appealed a couple of times, and sent an email to Google the change of status from individual to business, but I still got the same semi-automated response many get that "my account has been re-reviewed and confirmed to be in violation of the T & C, decision is final and the account won't be re-instated. No further details will be provided." 


Please help me as this is my first time trying to use adwords, and my debit card is genuine from BoA and is working fine. Could you help me refer my case to your billing dept or kindly provide me with what the issue could be and how to fix it? 


I appreciate your support!



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Re: Account suspended because billing information cannot be verified

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Hi Antonio,


We cannot help with account-specific issues or suspensions on the Community. Unfortunately some suspensions are permanent, and if you have already submitted the re-review form and heard back that the site cannot be re-enabled, there is nothing we can do.