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Account has been cancelled

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I inadvertently cancelled my Adwords account and wish to reactivate/verify the account.  I got this message.
Your ads aren't running 
To resume serving ads, please verify your form of payment.
 I've gone round an email loop with Google help where they asked me to reply with a "please reactivate this account.  I complied and the next day got this additional message appearing under Adwords Campaigns menu..
This account has been canceled. 
The ads are not running and all other account activity has stopped. Any edits you make here will take effect only if you reactivate the account. If you would like to do so, please click here.
When I click here I land at Transaction history.  There is no indication within that area how to reactivate the account.
How do I re-activate the account?

Re: Account has been cancelled

Community Manager
# 2
Community Manager
Hi there,

So you're saying you're following these steps ( and it just loops you to the Billing page with no additional steps there? Can you make sure that your payment instrument on the Billing Settings page doesn't need to be verified? If it does, there should just be a button to click on that page to do so.

Let me know if you're still having issues after double-checking that.