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Account Suspended

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i make a google adwords account,my ads were running for two days after that it goes under review, i don't know why.after that i receive an email from google support team they ask about the name of the card holder and date of birth.actually i send them the full name eg 'Hasan G H Al-Ghof' of the card holder and date of birth but the name on the card was not full eg 'Hasan Alghof'. today they block my account. when i open my account i see this "Your account is suspended - We've identified suspicious behavior in the payment activity of this or your other AdWords accounts. To help prevent any unauthorized activity, we suspended your AdWords accounts. " 


Even i send them images from bank system where full details of my payment card is mentioned.


i don't know what to do.even i submit an appeal. 

Any one Help please

Re: Account Suspended

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Hey Abu,

Welcome to adwords community!

Its look like that your case is billing. If billing is the cause of suspension, then nothing we could help further. Still, I strongly suggest you to review our billing policy.

Please fill in this form; A specialist will review the case;