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Account Suspended - Suspicious Payment Activity

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I am not able to understand what suspicious payment activity Google has identified in my payment details. I am not able to run Ads and the account is blocked with no solid reason, I have no idea how to get it fixed, The payment mode and details are fine and have no issues with them.


I get this error "Your account is suspended - We've identified suspicious behaviour in the payment activity of this or your other AdWords accounts. To help prevent any unauthorized activity, we suspended your AdWords accounts. Learn more", contacting customer care also didn't help.

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Re: Account Suspended - Suspicious Payment Activity

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Hello Niraj

We don't have access to check your account here in the community. I'd suggest that you contact your bank to make sure there was no issues there then contact AdWords support by phone or by chat to make it rectify.

Because once account got suspended due to suspicious behaviour in payment, Google Team will resolve it after doing verification.

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Re: Account Suspended - Suspicious Payment Activity

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Hello there;
Please fill in this form;
A specialist will review the case;

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Re: Account Suspended - Suspicious Payment Activity

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You should understand that you dont owe Google. hence
if you are using the accrued method of payment note that after ruining the ads, you have to pay completely without leaving $1 or $2.
also this could be due to your website being shut dawn.
also newly created accounts are monitored carefully in order to avoid fraud.
Hope this has helped you