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Hi, i am an advertiser from China. As you know we can not visit Google normally in the most areas of China. Therefore i have a question do i have to pay via bank transfer instead of my credit card so that the payment could get through as soon as possible. Looking forward to your reply. So many thanks

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September 2015

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Hi Dancy J,


Thanks for posting! 


I checked the Payment Options Finder for you. It explains that available forms of payment are as follows: Prepay (manual payments): Bank cards supported by our payment partner, ChinaPay and Prepay by bank transfer. You can view the Payment Options Finder here .


As far as I'm aware, payments via bank transfer are typically credited to your AdWords account within three business days of initiating a payment.


If you make a payment with your bank card online via the secure website of ChinaPay, the prepaid funds will be credited to your AdWords account usually within two hours of initiating a payment, although it can take up to one day.


If you're looking for additional information, you can also post your query on the Chinese AdWords Community - at: .


I hope this helps!