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I am Abdul munim ahmed from the country Bangladesh.I have a online shop directory.Name is www.Shadhin i dont have any bank account yet but i can pay from another knowing account.The most important is, the credit card is not  international recognized from banks of Bangladesh.How can i pay to google.Please help me with this issue.Also clear me about clics of adwards.Thank you


Best regards

Abdul munm ahmed

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Hi Abdul,


Unfortunately Bangladeshi Taka isn't supported by AdWords at this moment and hence there are very limited payment methods. If you wish you use a Bangladesh address, you'll have to select a different currency and pay by either credit or debit card. You can check available payment methods for your country here.


You might have other options like Direct Debit or Bank Transfer if you have presence in a different country. I'd suggest calling the support team (if you've already signed up for AdWords) to see if there are better options and how best they can help.


Feel free to write back!

Sumanth Sridhar
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Google Adwards


Thank you for letting me know the facts and proceedings of submission of payments.I would like to mention the environment of our online business and also other business as well for a clear vision for Google.


1.Business:.In our country Bangladesh we not only try to establish business with other countries but also export our service to many parts of the world.As for the capability for doing business by advertisement is only 10%(Manufacturers).Where they are well capable of giving the fees to online engine providers.As for 90% of manufacturing(Small business) enterprises are far behind to meet this type of payment,As for they do lost interest to make even a domain to the search engines.

2.Online business services:As there is hope for developing the country to a specific development level, many organization of different type of online services has build themselves to nearly a path of success.But the issue stops to the country as for there is no orders or contract is coming from many parts of the world ,only for the excuse of not having the proper advertisement,billing transaction,and also not having the mutual business agreement with outside of the countries business institution.

3.:Using Engines:As for to be noticed Bangladesh people  do use yahoo,Google like engines from the start of the internet introduce to this country.Now even we dont have any place to make proper individual transaction.


4.About Google per/click advertisement campaign:Google has authorized specific terms to their advertisement such as (as agreeable:not less than $1)if any contact is been only done by any person by click to the website or a phone call by Google apps the charge is to be paid to Google Ad wards.Now this seems like if anyone just have as example ten clicks and ten phone call that would be $20 per day.With investing small amount to grow a business is not capable of such agreement,rather to say losing business within few months.


Conclusion:I have said the above mentioned to "Google"for to analyze the situation we are facing in Bangladesh and to take proper decision to overcome the problems as soon as possible.



Thank you and

Best regards

Abdul munim ahmedSmiley Happy