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ADWords Editor Failure

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Hellow Advertisers,


I would like to know what could have went wrong with the Google Adwords Editor. I had closed out an account last week and then exported it to a new account.. I was told by a google rep that all I had to do was export then import and EVERYTHING would move over smoothly. I import the new campaign and get it all going. I step out of the office for 1 day and come back to find that the account has accured over $2,200  in clicks!!! The weird part is that 90% of the clicks came from the Display Networks which I NEVER agreed to put the ads in there. The previous account even shows that it DOES NOT display in the network.  I would like to know how Google justifies that it was MY error in which using THEIR SOFTWARE. How can I be responsible for $2,200 of charges that I DID NOT opt into paying. All I asked was a refund on the Display Network click which was the error in the Adwords Editor. The rep said that all they can do is apply a $950 credit to the account! They can see where i exported the campaign and have proof that it was set to NOT display on the display network, yet in the new account they automatically set it. Please someone help!!!! I have been working on adwords campaigns for 7 years now and have never had any toubles with support. This timet they are failing to realize that it was THEIR mistake not mine.



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Re: ADWords Editor Failure

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What does the change monitoring tool indicate?

What happened exactly when you started accruing costs?

Can you show that it wasn't you that uploaded and enabled the campaigns for the GDN maybe?


This is a user supported forum, you might be better off calling them again as there's not much we can do to help recouping your money.

Re: ADWords Editor Failure

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Steps to get error

  1. Downloaded  AdWords Editor 9.7.1
  2. Imported account 660-742-4261
  3. Exported a CSV from Account 351-150-3436
  4. Created a new account under 660-742-4261
  5. Imported data from CSV File from Account 351-150-3436
  6. Went to the Online Adwords Client Center
  7. Checked all campaigns in the new account 660-742-4261
  8. Campaigns are automatically showing in display network even though in account  351-150-3436 they are not.

Dear Google,

We have been disputing $1,889.75 in erroneous charges since June 28th 2012 and we appreciate your efforts in further  investigating the problems that occurred. We have documented a  bug that caused the $1,889.75 in charges which can be easily replicated by following the steps above. I am sure we are not the only ones that have encountered this bug. We have followed the exact steps above and have confirmed that the "display network" was originally set to "none" then after the transfer of the campaign using Google's tools is was set to "all".

We ask that you do not take our word for the error but try to reproduce it  so you can see for yourself by following the exact steps above. Our effort is not only to try and receive a full refund by proving we are not at fault, but to help make Google better by reporting a critical error/bug that we found using your software. Again, we feel that the error was a result in a "bug" using your software and not a case of negligence on our part.

We have also noticed that he Adwords editor was recently updated, so our next step is to see if this "bug" was corrected with the latest updates in the latest version of the  Adwords editor.

Your help is appreciated and thank you in advance!  We have also created a video to help assist -




Re: ADWords Editor Failure

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I had contacted Google. Just waiting for a response. I have been doing PPC for 7 years now and have managed millions of dollars in annual ad spend for clients. I know how the tools work. I know what to look for...


The original account was flawless, but after exporting and importing to a new account everything seemed to get screwed up!


How can a campaign go from being on par to something that look completeley different? I understand that I should have double and triple checked, but i have never had an error when exporting and importing files taken directly from the Adwords Editor.



Re: ADWords Editor Failure

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Hi xandermorales,
I went ahead and went through the steps that you provided.

I too got the same results. The campaign settings were changed. I didn't know that happened.

I don;t work for Google, so don't shoot the messenger, but I don't think you'll have a case. AdWords Editor asks you to review the changes before applying them when you import. You selected "accept changes" before you uploaded.

I'd imagine that Google will tell you that you should have checked and that it's not their fault.

Sorry for your trouble. Let us know how your case goes.

Re: ADWords Editor Failure

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Thanks for taking the time to confirm I'm not THAT crazy!


It's just a little weird things would change without notifying me. But like I said, I could have avoided the whole thing if I manually went through the campaigns.


I can't understand why settings can just automatically change and then require me to change them back to what they were supposed to be originally. It sounds like a scam to get more $$$ to me... I guess by default they select ALL networks rather than taking into account the settings from the excel file. If that is the case, then there shuld be no such tool, in which I was directed to use to save tame rather than having to manually do the whole campaign from scratch.


I'm not trying to bash Google in any way, I am just a little concerned. Hopefully they can shed some insight on the problem.

Re: ADWords Editor Failure

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Doesn't look like the campaign network settings are even in the csv export (maybe I'm missing them?)


This would indicate that Google defaults to Search and Display when imported.

Re: ADWords Editor Failure

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The Display Network is not in the sheet, but the Deafault CPC is...


So if the CPC is set to 0, then how could you pay anything for clicks?


I might as well of clicked a "Let GOOGLE CHOOSE EVERYTHING FOR ME" button...


Just bein optimistic, hopefully we can get a refund of at least half. I think that would be more fair. It's not like Google is losing the money, It's going right back ino the PPC campaign...



Re: ADWords Editor Failure

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Nice, so I'm not crazy either Smiley Happy. It happened to me as well some time ago, and for a while I had no idea who enabled the display network for a new campaign Smiley Happy.


When in fact it all happened when transferring campaigns from one account to the other.

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Re: ADWords Editor Failure

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Editor can export account data in several different formats:


- CSV format is designed to be human-readable an editable. It doesn't accurately capture every field and setting; in particular, it doesn't represent campaign network targeting. When a new campaign is created during CSV import, it gets default settings, as specified under "Default campaign settings" tab of the Settings dialog (Tools > Settings on Windows, AdWords Editor > Preferences on Mac).


- Backup (AEA) format captures the complete account data - all the settings that Editor supports, including network targeting. It's designed for backing up your account data (e.g. before making extensive changes that you would like to be able to back out of, or to transfer campaigns to a different account).


- Sharing (AES) format captures local changes. It's designed primarily for collaboration between users managing the same account (e.g. sending proposed changes for review).


(I'll ignore HTML format, since it cannot be imported back; it's just for presentation purposes).


For your purpose of transferring account data to a different account, backup (AEA) format would have worked best. A choice of CSV format was unfortunate. I'd be curious to know why you've chosen it. Were you specifically instructed to export to CSV, or chose it because it appears first on File menu, or because it's the format you were most familiar with?


Note that I have no connection to customer service and no power to help you in your billing dispute. All I can do is try and answer questions related to the technical details of AdWords Editor.