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1.8K members online now
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£75 credit

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I am not trying to alienate anyone and I'm sorry if you misinterpreted what I was asking or saying.  

When I first contacted google adwords I was guided through the maze by an extremely helpful girl.  She advised me about what I needed to do to promote my small business and website and did the complicated bit for me.  I know very little about how to promote the business in the internet world and find most of it very confusing.  It may make sense to you because you work in that world all the time, to me it's a foreign language.

A few days ago I was given the £75 credit and I would be very grateful if someone could help me to use it beneficially.

I take it by the time on the autosave you are in USA.

Re: £75 credit

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You can use £75 under your billing tab to utilize it. Make sure you have setup your campaign and are showing ads. If not, then contact someone of Google who can setup initial campaign for you.