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$71.84 for clicks from non-targeted areas

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I noticed right away that I was getting licks for places out of my 30 mile service range, such as China, the UK, Florida and New York. I immediately figured out that I need to change my service area, so I went to settings>all settings>edit locations>advance search>radius targeting and selected a 30 mile range from my business location. I saved and exited, thinking the problem was fixed. 


For the next 10 days I still got charged for clicks from China and elsewhere. I didn't understand why, since I had already told Google that my service area was 30 miles (on several different forms during the beginning stages of this advertising nightmare.) So I started banning entire countries. This helped, except for the rest of the USA, for which I had to ban each state individually. It took 3 hours, but fine, the rest of the world except my state, were excluded. That's right, I had to excluded THE ENTIRE WORLD. Saved, and done.

Two days later the hell resumes. I now had to did deeper and ban individual Neilsen DMA region in every state, and every ZIP code in my state that wasn't in my service area.


Combined time to total exclusion completion = 28.5 hours.

I only had time to do this when I wasn't at my 48 hour/week job, so total days to completion = 29 days


In the meantime, I will now be charged $71.84 for Google not understanding a service area limit in the first place. Yay.

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September 2015

Re: $71.84 for clicks from non-targeted areas

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Hello Christine, Yes its common thing we observe in location/geographic report, And if its a low or medium budget account, losing money for useless clicks hurts a lot.

Did you try making changes under location setting? By default your campaigns are targeted as "People in, searching for, or viewing pages about my targeted location" that you can change to "People in my targeted location".

This has helped me many times to avoid clicks from outside targeted area.