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1974 ndaysin

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I have consitently been overbilled by 25-30% or more%. I specifically and on multiple occasions limited my account to $200 MAXIMUM and it comes in month after monbth at $250 to $271.


I believe that this is fraudulent as I have records of e-mails with google staff authorizing my adwords up to and not to exceed $200. My next step will be to report this to the Attorney General and maybe hire an attorney to tak ethis up on class suit as I'm sure there's Billions involved in overcharging. I know from reading other e-mails that much of Google's revenues must come from this gouging and fraudulent overcharging.


Google- a contract is a contract and must be homored and it is not good enough to just return my money you must investigate this practice and refund everyone. i hope the stock price will refect this practive when it comes out on the news that this suit is underway.

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Re: 1974 ndaysin

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Hi bayroc,


Thanks so much for your post. There may be a slight misunderstanding between "daily budget" and "monthly budget" so I hope that this explanation can clear things up for you. On AdWords campaigns you set the daily budget. Daily budget can vary +-20%(daily) but, the total monthly bill of a campaign will not exceed 30.4 times the daily budget. If it does - you will not be charged for the extra costs incurred. (30.4 is the average number of days in a month).


This billing method works for each campaign on the account, whilst, the overall charge is the sum off all charges of all campaigns on the account.


Here is some additional information regarding daily budget.


I hope that this information clarifies things for you. Please let us know if you need any further assistance. We'd be happy to help.