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$100 ad credit - confused

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I got the email yesterday for the $100 credit towards AdWords. I created an ad today, and entered in the promo number. I selected manual payment, which stated that since I have a promo code, my ad will stop running once the $100 runs out, and I will have to make a payment for it to continue running. Which is totally fine - but now at the top of my home page, it says "Your ads aren't running because we haven't recieved your payment" - very confused as to how to move forward, because I don't want to be charged just yet, I want to use the $100 promo first. Can anyone help please?

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Re: $100 ad credit - confused

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Hi popsbykristina,


You have to enter your billing details to start and AdWords account.

If you have a promo code, that will get used 1st.. so your first $100 spend will be from the coupon code you provide.

anything spent beyond that will be taken from your credit card.

Google needs you to enter this just for safety.


Please see this link for more details:




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Re: $100 ad credit - confused

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Hey Kristina


Yes,when you are on manual payments you have the liberty of using the promo code without entering the form of payment(credit/debit card).


Have a look in your transaction histiory in the "billing tab". Do you see the promo code credited worth $100??