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$100 Reactivation Credit

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I received a $100 reactivation credit in the mail, but I was unfortunately out of town on a project and I found that it expired a few days before I opened it.


Is there anyway to get another one resent as I would like to reactivate my account to utilize this credit?

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September 2015

Re: $100 Reactivation Credit

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Hi Gemini


Promotional credit is time sensitive and once it has expired there is not a way to replace it.


Taken from the reference link below-


"Google can't accept or replace expired codes. But if your code does go sour, don't worry -- you can always activate your account without one."


However, you can opt in to receiving offers in the future from your account. PLease see the link below for information about this-


I hope this helps you, good luck! :-)


Best regards