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youtube advertising

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I am trying to research advertising on youtube for an established business. I am not really clear on the difference between the 3 types of advertising; In-stream, In-display, and in-search. 


Primarily we are looking for an option that does not include using a video.. from what I gather In-search or In-display sounds like the way for us to go. I am looking for any input possible! 

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youtube advertising

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Hi @Harley P,


A great way to target YouTube without the use of your own video is with Display Ads on YouTube


The cool thing about videos online is they're everywhere – on blog pages, in online newspaper articles, on sites that are all about video content, and more. You can watch them on anything from smartphones to tablets to your desktop computer. With your AdWords ad, you don't even need video content to reach a web user watching a video!


How's this possible? As long as your campaigns target the entire Google Display Network (without restrictions), your existing ads can appear in multiple ways on sites that feature video content. Websites that are completely focused on video content, like YouTube, offer not only the video player, but the space around the video, too.


Here are different ad types that can appear with video content:


  • Text ads: When your text ad appears in this format, it's called a "text overlay." This is essentially your AdWords standard text ad displayed in a special format for video-targeting on the Google Display Network. Only one ad will appear in this space at a time, cycling through up to 10 text ads for 20 seconds each during the video stream. Text overlay ads appear within the bottom 20% of the overall video player window. This ensures a customer sees relevant, unobtrusive advertising while enjoying their video streaming experience. It can also appear in text ad slots on the overall page where video content appears, just like your text ad can appear on any page within the Google Display Network where the website owner (content publisher) allows text ad placements on their site.
  • Image ads: These can appear in an overlay at the bottom of a video player while a video plays. Your ad could also appear in image ad slots on the overall page where the video content appears, just like your image ad can appear on any page within the Google Display Network where the website owner allows image ad placements on their site.


Read more here. And more about Remarketing here. And targeting Videos here.  


Please let us know if you have any questions or we can provide further assistance. 


Kind Regards,




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