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why are my display ads not showing

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I have been running a display campaign for the past few weeks with a CPM bidding system with managed placements.


Unfortunately the ads do not show as frequently as i would like them to show. 


I increased my bidding to a rather large amount because these  are competitive placements, but the ads are still not showing.


Is there anything i may be missing, some trick in the book i might not know?


Could a seasoned buyer please help me out with this?


Thank you.

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Re: why are my display ads not showing

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Can you confirm if your Display ads are getting impressions and clicks or not?


Are you using Frequency Capping to limit the number of impressions getting displayed?


Apart from Managed placements, is there any other feature (like Topics etc...) you are using to explore more on Google's Display Network?



Re: why are my display ads not showing

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Hi Velma,

The information asked for is necessary to get to the root of the issue, but without that I will try and help you out.

The fact that you say they are not showing as frequently as you would like tells me that htey are being shown.

So a few things you can try and/or check:

Trying switching to a CPC model as an experiment and see if that helps.

Have you uploaded a variety of different banner sizes? If you have only uploaded 2 or 3 different sizes then they may not have many available ad spaces on your managed places to show your ads.

See here for ad sizes and policies:

Have you contacted the websites themselves? The particular websites you have targeted may sell the ad space themselves and then only use ad sense when that space is available, so space may be limited from that aspect.

Is the only targeting you have on the ad group managed placements? If you have other forms of targeting within the same ad group then you may be limiting the number of people who are eligible to see your ad ( a necessary tactic in some cases).

Let me know of any of these help or are the case

Re: why are my display ads not showing

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Hi Pankaj1728,

Thanks for responding.

No i am not using frequency capping and i am using topic plus interest targeting as well.

But they still do not show as frequently as i would like them to show on manged placements.

The campaign is recording clicks and impressions and the CTRs are good, its just that i cant seem to see these ads especially on managed placements.


Re: why are my display ads not showing

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Hi Velma,

As I mentioned previously if you are using other targeting coupled with managed placements you are restricting the viable amount of users you are eligible to show too.

It is not a case of OR, it is AND

so a user on your managed placement needs to be a visitor to that site AND be a part of the topic list you selected AND your interest group.

The reason you are getting so few impressions is because of how much you restriction you have placed on your target market.

Consider loosening this up somewhat, perhaps target placement with interests in one ad group and placement with topics in another.

A good way to see if this is in fact the case would be through your impression share.

See here for Display IS:

If you are only reaching a fraction of your potential audience then it should also point you in the direction of why you are loosing the rest of the IS.

Hope this helps!

Re: why are my display ads not showing

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Badged Google Partner

@Clynton M has given you some spot on advice and I want to make sure you also check the Ad display sizes he mentioned as well int he previous thread, and not forget that information from the other responses.

Well done Clynton!

Re: why are my display ads not showing

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Hi Clynton,

Thank you for responding.

I may have not have communicated this well in my last response. I have created different ad groups , one for managed placements, one for topics and one for interests.

Also i did try a CPC mode, the campaign performed really well with high CTRs, but visibility was poor.

I did upload all the ad sizes and all of the managed sites i chose do have a permanent spot for ad sense on their site.

I did a bit more digging and the feedback from the Google team on our end was that daily spend was low and also the landing page was not optimal for ad performance as i was bidding with a CPM model

I have increased spending a bit, and i made a few changes on the landing page and i am seeing a bit of difference. Will continue to observe.

Thank you Pankaj1728 and Eric for helping out as well.