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where will my ad be placed on the google search page?

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Where will my ad be placed on the google search page?

Above the regular ads from other customers (i.e. on the left hand of the page)


Or will it be placed on the right hand of the page among a lot of other hopefuls?


If you type TECHNICAL TRANSLATION in google, you will see that the Rosetta Stone translation agency has the top position on the LH side, just above the regular (FOC) translation ads.


But there are a lot of other translation companies who have their ads on the RH side, in a separatoe column. Are those ads cheaper than the Rosetta Stone ad?


How can I get my ad into the LH position, under the Rosetta Stone ad?


John Hadfield

Re: where will my ad be placed on the google search page?

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Hi John,

Welcome to AdWords and welcome to the AdWords Community!


Since it sounds like you're a newer advertiser, here are several links that can be helpful for you as you start your AdWords journey - 


  1. Growing your business with AdWords (aka AdWords for Beginner’s Guide) – Simple, yet thorough explanation of the AdWords platform and how to set up an Account.  I particularly like this resource because it’s linear and gives you examples and tips.
  2. AdWords Help Center – All you ever needed to know about AdWords in one place with great on-site search functionality.  Recommended: Set up your account and start advertising
  3. AdWords YouTube Channel – If you prefer watching videos vs. reading, this is the place for you.
  4. AdWords Community - Yes, you’re already here, but besides posting questions, take time to review questions that advertisers have previously asked, and their solutions.
  5. AdWords Step by Step - Another simple, easy to understand walkthrough on the basics of setting up an AdWords Account.


Now, as far as your question goes, when determining where your Ad ranks inside of the AdWords results, Google has a formula called Ad Rank that dictates where AdWords Ads rank.  The main component of Ad Rank are your Max CPC Bids and your Quality Scores.


Ultimately, where your Ads rank will depend on what your Max CPC Bids are and what your Quality Scores are.  If you'd like to see what you'll have to pay to appear in the top, shaded box, take a look at what your Estimated Top of Page Bids are.  That should give you an idea for what you'll have to pay to appear there.  


Finally, just because your Ad is on the right hand side, doesn't mean you won't still receive Clicks - you will.  Probably not as many, but you'll still be able to attract quality traffic, and luckily  you only have to pay when searchers click on your Ads.   Google also has Estimated First Page Bids which give you an estimate for what you'll have to bid to appear on the first page.  


Hope this helps!

Re: where will my ad be placed on the google search page?

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Hey Jon

First, Your ad position based on simple equation, Adposition= Quality Score X Max Bid.

As per my understanding Google consider following things
1. Good Relevance
2. Good performance
3 .Good Bids

If your ads is having 3 above quality then it's chance that Google will display ads at the (Left Side) top of your results.