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where to find max campaign budget

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Hi, I set up an ad campaign for a total of $15 spend over the entire campaign. I have now gone into my settings to check that it is in fact set at $15, but can find no where that it is listed. Or how to change it if I wanted to.

Any help would be great. Thanks.

P.S. I am not trying to check or change my daily spend.

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Re: where to find max campaign budget

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Hi MAt,

Welcome to the Community!

Daily Budget is the only available option under campaign settings for each campaign. There's no other feature or setting that refers to, or controls spend at the campaign level.

Sumanth Sridhar

Re: where to find max campaign budget

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Hi Mat,


Sumanth is right here. If you wish to make changes to the budget for your campaigns, you can do that with the 'Daily Budget' section in your interface. When you log in to your account, the campaigns page will show a list of campaigns along with their daily budgets, the performance till date, etc.


You just need to click on any of the individual daily budgets to change those. Please see a screenshot of the same below:


Budget Changes.png


Another way of changing budgets is to go into individual campaigns 'Settings' section and then look for the Daily Budget there and make changes to it there. This is however a tedious & time consuming affair as compared to the earlier one. 


Here is another helpful link from AdWords help on Budget Changes:


Do give it a read and the video a look. It should help you.


Hope this Helps!





Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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Re: where to find max campaign budget

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As far as I understood you just want to use 15 usd for the entire campaign duration period. Unfortunately, there is not such an option for Adwords in terms of budget settings. One uses a daily budget and adjusts it at any time later on. What you can do it to set up 15 usd for your campaign and set an end date for the campaign in question. Set your budget, then go to "advanced settings/schedule" in the setting tabs of the campaign. Just choose a date you want your campaign to stop and your 15 usd will be used as you wanted it to be used.
Do not forget to do some basic math: if you know that your campaign is going to last for 10 days and you want to spend 1000 for the entire campaign period, just divide your total amount by the number of days your campaign will be set to run (1000/10=100 usd per day).
I hope this will help you Smiley Happy