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what is a landing page

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Re: what is a landing page

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Hi Les,

Here you go:

Our Help Center has a lot of great articles if you're just getting started with AdWords.

Re: what is a landing page

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Hi Less,


In simple terms, a  landing page is a standalone web page designed for a single focused objective.


Landing page can be a home page of a website or a particular product page or a Form fill up page where you drive traffic/visitors. 


In PPC, it is a web page that appears when a visitor clicks on your ad link. 


Hope that answers your query.



Gokuldas K 


Re: what is a landing page

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We are here to help you, You have asked a lot of basic questions. There are a lot of information available to get your started in the right way,

To answer your specific question

Landing page

The webpage where customers end up after they click your ad. This page is usually the same as your ad's destination URL.

For each ad, you specify a destination URL to determine where people are taken when they click your ad. Unless your webpage uses a redirect for tracking purposes, your landing page and destination URL will be the same webpage.

Google's policy is that your landing page and display URL (the webpage shown in your ad) must be within the same website, meaning that they share the same domain.

Your landing page experience is one of several factors that helps determine a keyword's Quality Score. The experience of a landing page is represented by such things as the usefulness and relevance of information provided on the page, ease of navigation for the user, how many links are on the page, and more.

There is a great little starter course with Video's by our very own @CocoP that can answer some of the basics if you like Video's for learning

You may want to use the Glossary to find the definition of some terms that may be new to you

There is also the "New Advertisers Start here"

or the Welcome to Help center that provides all your basic answers in text, image, and some videos formats

There is also Videos for New Advertisers

All these resources are here to help you get started.