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using & in keywords for Adwords

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hello we have relevant keywords like SG&A but Adwords doesn't allow the "&". Any advice? The acronym means something with this structure.

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September 2015

Re: using & in keywords for Adwords

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AdWords does recognize the ampersand symbol (&) in keywords. You can use the keyword SG&A and AdWords will consider it as a distinct keyword different from the keyword that doesn't include the symbol.

On the other hand, here are some of the symbols that AdWords doesn't recognize:

Ignored symbols: You can add periods (.) or dashes (-) to your keywords, but we'll ignore this punctuation. That means we'll consider the keywords Fifth Ave. and Fifth Ave, for example, identical keywords.

Invalid symbols: You'll see an error message if you add keywords that contain certain symbols. Some of the symbols that can't be used in your keywords are: , ! @ % ^ * () = {} ; ~ ` <> ? \ |