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traffic estimator tool question

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I've read in help artices that "The Traffic Estimator works for ads with keyword targeting only; it does not work for ads with placement targeting using either CPC or CPM bidding." My question is - how do  we get CPC ideas keywords in case of placement targetting"?



Kevin Smith

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Re: traffic estimator tool question

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hi skevin118,


I posted this a while back about display targeting.


I have a few tips for targeting on the display network. A lot of these are just modified from how you would be targeting on the search network so it is quite straight forward.
How do you decide which sites to target? 

Initially I set up automatic placements using contextual targeting to get my base of sites that I will be appearing on.

3 sets of keyword groups in 1 campaign - Direct, Related & Audience

The direct keywords are exactly that, direct. e.g. If you were selling baby clothes we would have keywords like baby clothes, baby clothing, baby jumpers, baby socks etc...
Related keywords are keywords which are related to my baby clothes. These could be baby nappies, baby bottles, baby dummies etc...
Audience keywords are a bit different. Where is my target audience going online?? Keywords like new mothers forums, new mum help, baby health will work here.
If you have large lists of keywords for each of these, split them up and have a few direct, a couple of related etc.
Once you have your campaigns running and you are seeing stats flowing through you need to start to make a decision on what is working for you. We already have our conversion tracking set up so we know which sites are performing well.

We need to treat each of our AdGroups separately as we have different targeting used in each one so don't just look at the networks tab for all of them together.


Look at the networks tab for the specific AdGroups, click "show details" and we will see the stats for that particular group. Each domain will have it's own stats and we need to decide which are effective. I normally wait for a domain to have at least 50 clicks before making any decisions on whether to move to managed placement or exclude it. (this is my personal figure, you may have your own)
This is where I start to look at each domain in a similar way to an AdGroup. If a particular domain has plenty of clicks we can tick the box to the left of the domain and then click "See URL list". This give us the page that the ads have been displayed on. If there are pages on that domain that aren't performing well, we can exclude it. You don't have to exclude a whole domain if only one page isn't working for you. Keep what is working and we're going to do well on the display network.
When you find domains that are working well for you, move them into managed placements so you can manage these more effectively by setting separate bids.

Similar to any search network campaign, once we have some good data we will want to look at geo-targeting, days of the week & time of the day etc down the line to help boost the performance of the display campaigns as all of these targeting options can have a dramatic effect on your overall CPA.


To summarize:
1 - Create a well structured automatic placement campaign
2 - Move the good performing domains over to managed placements and manage them (don't just move them over and leave them)
3 - Exclude the poor performing domains
4 - Optimise the other areas (geographic, day, time)

5 - Don't set and forget. Keep reviewing and optimising continually.

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Re: traffic estimator tool question

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Hello skevin118;

purefuzz touched the strategy / approach of working with the traffic estimator;


The traffic estimator is an estimate - and provides estimates based on your account settings and performances. If you add another degree of uncertainty (e.g. placements), this estimation becomes much more inaccurate.

To find keywords on the display network (for CPC) - use the contextual targeting tool;

Read more:

Here's how to use the Contextual Targeting Tool:

Please also note, that when having keywords AND placements using specific reach your ads will appear on the chosen websites, where the content match your set of keywords (contextual targeting)




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