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targeting in Display

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I need assistance in understanding Display Campaign targeting methods. I am to run a campaign for software downloads display campaign.


As there are targeting methods in Display Campaign, I want to understand Keyword+Placement targeting first.

Now my concerns are as follows:


The product has global appeal. So, should I stil create separate campaigns for different countries?

2- Ad Groups- is it right to go with separate Ad groups with different targeting methods? For example, I (like in a typical Search Campaign scenario) selected keywords from keyword planner and added them into an Ad Group. I am trying to get started with KW+Placement targeting at first. I have 8 keywords in the ad group and more than 20 chosen placements. Is it a good approach, considering 8 keywords and say 3 placements?


3- Ads- Have selected both image ads and text ads. What should be the right strategy for Ads in a Display campaign? Should I have just image ads in a particular ad group or include text ads also? If not, how about creating a new Ad Group with same Keyword+Placement targeting but just with text ads?


4- Placements- Should I create 2 different ad groups? 1 for managed placements and other for automatic?


Lastly, I could not find automatic placements option so I went for managed placements approach. What should be the correct number of placements to get started with?


Excuse me for theses confusions.



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Re: targeting in Display

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Hi Jack,

1.) Yes create the separate campaigns for different countries, it will help you to manage your budget and time scheduling smoothly.

2.) You can add 8 Kws with 20 placements in one ad groups, you can also manage and set the bid at each placements based on performance.

3.) If you have Image and text ads, then I would suggest to create a separate ad groups for both Image and text ads, As image ads require higher bid than the text ads.

4.) It is hard to tell the exact number of managed placements. It depends on you to choose all relevant placement, which relates to your business,
--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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