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sudden unexpected increase in impressions

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Hi All,


I have noticed sudden increase in my adwords impression traffic and dropped the click volume as a result the 

CTR of the account has been drastically come down.


Please provide me the necessary suggesations on this.





Re: sudden unexpected increase in impressions

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Hey Balu,

Have you checked your Ad rank? Is Google Displaying your ad on first page?

Also, I can suggest following

Increase your Max CPC bid & try to improve your "Quality Score with manual bidding.
Kindly check if your daily budget is enough to grab all the impression for a day. Check Search Impression share, Search Lost IS (rank), Search Lost IS (budget) metrics.

Re: sudden unexpected increase in impressions

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Hi Balu,

Welcome to the AdWords Community!


When I notice an increase in AdWords Impressions I always look first to see if you're recently opted into the Google Display Network?  To check, log into your AdWords Account and click on the Campaign in question.  Then, click on the Settings tab.  Next to Networks, or by Campaign Type it should tell you if you're  opted into the GDN.


If so, the GDN is a great way to extend your Reach, but you will see a decrease in CTR vs the Search Network.  The lower CTR that you receive from the GDN, will not negatively impact your Search Network Quality Scores.


If you're not opted into the GDN, other possible reasons for a increase in Impressions are:

  • Increase in Daily Budget
  • Increase in CPCs
  • Decrease in competitors
  • Increase in Avg Position



Re: sudden unexpected increase in impressions

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Thanks Thanker