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star ratings in different countries

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I am just trying to really understand the issue, and see if there's a solution. We currently use eKomi for customer ratings, and use them in our Adwords for our company, We have different eKomi accounts for each language, and sometimes multiple accounts for each language (we have a US and a UK account). I am looking for a replacement for eKomi, but the argument from my boss is that we need separate accounts for each country because you can only use the stars for one country, or something like that.


I just can't fathom that that's correct for some reason :/

We are using the UK one on ZA, and the USA one on CA. Why can't we just use the "USA" one on US, ZA, CA, UK, AU, and any English speaking websites? Right now he claims that we don't get star ratings for ZA or CA because they don't have original accounts set up for them.

One of the biggest things I would like, if we replaced ekomi, would be that it could be all under one rating, and not split across multiple countries for 1 language. Is it futile to ask that from other potential eKomi replacements? I just don't understand how a company that is huge, like Ford or BMW for example (although I don't think they have star ratings on their website, but you get the idea), couldn't get their stars in ads in multiple countries. Are they really restricted to using their star ratings in once country unless they painstakingly retrieve different ratings for each country?


Is there some setting my boss is missing that I could kindly let him know about? Or are international companies with star ratings forever doomed to have to collect them at a country basis when they intend to use adwords?

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Re: star ratings in different countries

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Hi Bridger,
I actually don't know the answer to your question so I'll let someone else chime in there.
However, I did want to point out that the majority of companies that I work with are transitioning to local listing reviews instead of third party.

Last month, Google announced that AdWords would begin using local business listing reviews in AdWords ads:

I'm not sure how they will be split out over different countries (I can't imagine they would or could be) but if you have a single location, it might be wise to start looking to consolidate that way. Sounds like you are a perfect use case for why Google announced this.

Hope that's given some food for thought.

Re: star ratings in different countries

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Hi @Bridger C;

So, in addition to the local listings, as Dave explained, based on my experience, the basic seller rating by third parties, you could subscribe,  are global. 
Here is a list of seller  rating agencies, Google relies on. I assume that there is a break-down by location / country (for an additional fee). However, the overall rating Google considers, (based on my knowledge) is a "global average".  You could check with the seller rating agencies what metrics / breakdown they submit to Google. 

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: star ratings in different countries

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Hello, Bridger.

Let it be me the one that chimes in (oh well, Moshe beat me to it Smiley Happy ). As far as I could see on eKomi's website, they do indeed offer one language for reviews per account.

There should be other options though, especially since Google clearly states here that

In most cases, your business must have at least 30 unique reviews -- each from the past 12 months -- and a composite rating of at least 3.5 stars or higher. However, we may show ratings for merchants with fewer than 30 reviews if we have sufficient data from other sources to determine an accurate rating. At least 10 of these reviews must be in the customer's Google interface language.

Which, to me, means that if someone searches on for instance, reviews for a shop as the one featured here should show, assuming that LllamaColombia would advertise on, they would do business in Spain and they'd have at least 10 reviews in Spanish.

As you can see, ResellerRatings offers mixed language reviews. There might be other companies that do the same. You'll have to ask them.

One small note though: seller ratings will always be related to one website alone. So if you'll ever do business under in the US, in CA and in ZA, you won't see aggregate reviews for your business. As long as you stick to one website though and offer your services in several countries, you should be fine.

Calin Sandici, AdWords Top Contributor | Find me on: Google+ | Twitter | LinkedIn | myBlog
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Re: star ratings in different countries

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seller-reviews (star-ratings) can be per-target-country --

generally, check with the reviews-site support to verify how
data is submitted to google and matched to the seller for a
particular target-country region; most often, the registered

website url and company-name details are used.