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slow adwords editor when processing image ads

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I am trying to upload image ads with adwords editor 10.6. It has stayed at 0/764,321 image ads changed for the past 12 hours. I know that is a lot of ads--it's around 50 banners but across thousands of adgroups. I know I'll have to clean up adgroups after this, but why is it stuck at 0? The meter on the screen moves so the program has not crashed. If I had a faster computer with more ram would it go faster? Is Adwords Editor 11.0 a lot faster?


It's not my upload speed, as far as I can tell it hasn't even tried uploading any images yet--it seems to be processing data to prepare for the upload.

Re: slow adwords editor when processing image ads

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Hello Jonathan Y,
764 321 images are quite a lot. If I consider that one image can be 50 kB or so, then all images together are approximately 36,5 GB. Try to use AE 11, whether it will make any difference, but personally I would try to post changes by smaller parts.